Wednesday 1 August 2018

New Technology

If you want to see the latest in technological innovations then it is worth browsing the crowd funding website The site has two main functions, a crowdfunding platform for startup companies and a marketplace for their products. Backers (initial investors) get benefits offered by the startups, this is usually in the form of a discount on their products or early access when the products are released to market. Once the products have been developed they can then be sold through Indiegogo's marketplace. They guarantee shipping of the marketed products, or a refund will be given if they are not delivered in time. One of the risks of being a backer is that a product may never get finished, but you can choose how much you want to invest. 

Some of my favourite products include: Scribit USD399 + shipping ( - This devices hangs on a wall and can draw any 2D image that you upload through an app. This looks really cool and it can also erase what is has drawn so you can change the image whenever you want. As an example it can draw the weather forecast every morning or draw the daily menu for a shop. Lumen - a metabolism tracker USD299 + shipping (released date April 2019 - This device is is a small breathalyser that can advise whether your metabolism is burning carbs or body fat. It can advise what diet to follow to achieve your goal (weight loss or gain). The product I like the most is the auto guitar tuner, the Roadie 2 (USD129 + shipping This tuner is placed on the guitar tuning pegs and will automatically tuner the guitar string to the correct pitch. It can be set to various tuning types as well as standard tuning. Very handy if you are trying to tune a 12 string guitar in a hurry!

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